As a twenty-something, college grad, newly married, type “A” personality, perpetual cheerleader, Generation-Y female in a corporate playground; I have many ideas running through my head and thoughts to throw around:

  • God, Family and Friends (relationship advice – I come from a huge blended family)
  • TV, movie and book reviews
  • Beauty product reviews (products that I’ve had good, bad and ugly experiences with)
  • Married life / “Wife life” (newly married)
  • Cleaning and organizing tips and tricks (again type “A” personality with slight OCD)
  • After college / real world immersion advice / job search advice / cube life
  • FOOD (need I say more?)
  • Shopping (bargain shopping and online shopping are an addiction, hope to share some good finds)
  • Sports (the hopeless devotion of a Cleveland sports fan, I also was a cheerleader for 15+ years, so you’ll see that too)
  • Being a young female professional in the corporate world
  • Hair and make-up tips and tricks (things I’ve found along the way, I’m no guru – need all the help I can get lol)
  • Finally I may have some insights from my husband…. he will be graduating with his Doctorate of pharmacy next May (woo so proud of you babe) so you may see little insight from the Doctor here and there…

I’m not an expert on these things and I don’t claim to be but I just wanted to provide a little insight of sweet things that can make your life a little easier or day a little brighter. Be kind to one another and make someone smile today! ❤ N.Sweet

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  1. Loved your article … it is straight from the heart


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