Necklace and Scarf Organization

Hello my loves. It has been a busy Spring for me so far. I am beginning my Spring cleaning and organization hull all over my house. Recently, I hosted a Premier Designs jewelry party and I received A LOT of free jewelry for selling so much. Almost too much… because I already had a lot of jewelry and when I added this is, I had no idea where I was going to put it all.

unnamed(This was only just some of it…)

I am so OCD, having no where to put all my jewelry was driving me insane. So just like in solving many conundrums I come across in life, I headed to Pinterest (as any pinning addict would do) to see what kind of inspiration I could draw up for this organization problem.

Pinterest Addict Badge

Without question, there were thousands of ideas on how to organize your jewelry. Everything from fancy decorated cork boards, to home made jewelry boxes. I found an interesting idea of taking a towel rack and using shower curtain hooks in the “S” shape to hang your jewelry on. I began to online window shop for nice looking towel racks. I looked on several big box store’s websites but all the racks I found were either not pretty enough for this project, too big or too pricey. Then I thought, where do I usually go for all my crafty fun? HOBBY LOBBY! I went on Hobby Lobby’s website and low & behold there were really nice looking towel racks (in the clearance section too). I found these gorgeous ones for only $5.99 a piece and they were only about 17″ wide. It was perfect for what I was trying to accomplish.


HOW ADORABLE IS THAT AND CHEAP TOO! I did not find any shower curtain hooks on Hobby Lobby’s website so I made a quick trip down to my local Dollar General to look in their bath section. I did not like the idea of the “S” shaped hooks because I am pretty clumsy and I did not want them falling off all the time. Therefore, I was looking for something that closed completely. AND BOY did I luck out and find some cute ones!


The Dollar General in my neighborhood only had these in black and clear beads which I was okay with. I did not want something colorful because there would be enough colors when I hung my necklaces. I love these little hooks. They were so cheap and so cute! I nailed the towel rack to the wall beside my dresser, then hung up all my necklaces. This seriously turned out to be so classy looking and took hardly any effort.

End Result:

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

With that being said, as most people that know me know that my absolute favorite accessory is a fashion scarf. Ohio weather is bi-polar so you never know when you may need an extra layer. Also, I travel a lot for work and scarves can double for a blanket and they spruce up any outfit. I just think adding a scarf to an outfit makes you look more sophisticated and put together. I never pay more than $5-$10 dollars max for the scarves in my collection. I find them on clearance racks or surplus scarf sales from my favorite retailers and I buy them in bulk on Black Friday when they are really cheap.

Up to this point, I had them all hanging on a small scarf hanger and random hangers which was really messy in my closet, they fell off a lot. In order to get a specific scarf or color I wanted it required taking all the scarves down and sorting through them. Nine times out of ten I did not have time to hang them back up right away either. (Again the OCD part of me HATED this!) Since the towel racks were so cheap from Hobby Lobby, I ended up buying three because I figured I could use them for something later at that cheap of a price. Unintentionally, when I was reorganizing my dresser/vanity (pictured above) I had one of my scarves sitting on top of it. I had a lightbulb moment – Why don’t I use the towel rack/shower hook combo for my scarves as well? It worked out so great! I had some extra wall space in my closet and the two racks fit perfectly on the perpendicular walls:

unnamed (1)(The closet is very deep – all my clothes are to the right)

I did not have very many curtain hooks left after I hung my necklaces, so I used them strictly on my infinity scarves/circular scarves (pictured on the back wall). Then I took all my regular scarves/straight scarves and tied them in a knot directly on the towel rack (pictured on the side wall).


Pinterest is an OCD girls best friend. I could not have been any happier with the way this turned out. It was so effortless but now all of my necklaces and scarves look so classy and organized. I hope this inspires you to do some creative Spring cleaning and organizing. Pinterest is full of ideas. Make someone smile today! ❤ N.Sweet


Too Cute Tuesday 3-11-14

I don’t know about you but this time change has really kicked my butt this year. I am dragging today… so of course it is time for a Tuesday pick me up. If you haven’t watched this viral video today of the Little boy trying to convince his mom to let him have cupcakes for dinner, you are missing out. This little munchkin drives his point home. Three-year-old Mateo was videoed arguing with his mother, who he calls “Linda”. Mateo wanted a cupcake and went behind his mother’s back to his grandma. Sensing his argument is not going well, he begins sweet talking his mother by saying: “Linda, honey, honey” he says to his mother Linda Beltran, who manages to keep a straight face. He will make quite the little lawyer one day. Enjoy, this made me smile I hope it makes you smile today too! ❤ N

But really who could say no to this face? lol

‘Linda, honey,’ 3-year-old Mateo says in the hilarious video.

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